Anne Hollis(President)

Anne Hollis
(309) 219-5899

Anne and her husband Todd live in Elmwood.  In 2006 they were thankful to learn of HOIDSA and the services provided when their 3rd child, Meg, was born with Down Syndrome.  In 2009 the Hollis family grew to 6 when Anne, Todd, Noah, Caleb and Meg welcomed Alina into the family.  Alina, who also has Down Syndrome, was born in Ukraine and is a few months older than Meg.  Anne has been involved with several area and state organizations focused on promoting school and community inclusion.  She currently works for Bradley University.  In her free time she enjoys coloring outside the lines, eating pretend exotic dishes made with play food (why yes! I love your meatloaf and ice cream combo!), repeatedly letting the dogs in and out and trying to avoid the question "what is for dinner tonight?"