Beyond Down Syndrome

Plans and Actions for Independence at Every Stage of Life: Down Syndrome and Dementia

Alzheimer’s in adults with Down syndrome

University of Washington in St. Louis Research into Alzheimer’s in adults with Down syndrome

Grandparents Group Dinner

Perdue's in Tremont on September 19th at 6pm. Grandparents can brag, laugh, and eat.

Blue Ridge Community Farm Alzheimer’s in adults with Down syndrome Winter 2023 Newsletter The Lucky Few Podcast Down Syndrome: Guidelines for Inclusive Education

Blue Ridge Community Farm

10/7 from 1-3pm HOIDSA will be at Blue Ridge Community Farm!

"Improving the quality of life of persons with down syndrome by providing support, advocacy, and educational opportunities to those individuals"

Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals

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Resources and materials to educate and support students with Down syndrome



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