Board Members

Mike King
(309) 648-9605

Mike and his wife, Susan, live in Morton. Mike worked at the City of Peoria and held several positions in the City’s Information Systems Department: computer programmer, department manager, and he retired as director of IS. In 2011, our granddaughter, Emma Sue, was born with Down syndrome. In order for Emma’s mother to go back to work, Mike became Emma’s babysitter. Until Emma started school, Emma and Mike went everywhere together. …

Vice President
Trisha Romero
(217) 620-0184

Trisha lives in Dunlap with her husband Omar and their three boys - Mateo, Luca, and Cruz.  Trisha had a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome for Cruz when she was 11 weeks pregnant after having a genetic testing done to find out the gender early.  After reaching out to HOIDSA on that hard day, she was put in contact with some amazing women that helped her to see and understand …

Secretary (Sarah)
Sarah and Scott Mabee

Scott and Sarah Mabee joined the board this year. They have 5 kids together, including Max, 11 who has Down Syndrome. Scott is a financial advisor with RW Baird and Sarah is a medical coder with OSF Healthcare. They live in Dunlap.

Board Member
Alex Tucker
(309) 229-1785

Alex has been a HOIDSA board member since 2017.  He has attended ILlinois Central College.  He is employed by Mission Mart, volunteers at TCRC Highland Center and is part of Bethel Lutheran Church's Audio/Visual and Worship committees.  When not working or volunteering, he enjoys going for walks, singing, dancing, cooking and advocating for people with disabilities  His goal is to be the voice for those who have Down syndrome.

Renee Hayes
(306) 363-3125

Renee lives in Peoria. She is married to William and they have 3 children including an 8 year old son with Down syndrome. Renee is a nurse in the NICU and meets and supports many new parents there.