Down Syndrome: Guidelines for an Inclusive Education

National Down Syndrome Society ( Syndrome: Guidelines for Inclusive Education is the first document of its kind in the United States.

The document addresses the education settings that support students with Down syndrome, covering the period from early intervention and primary education through secondary and through higher education, with the primary focus being K-12 students.

For more information go to NDSS's website at Inclusive Education Guidelines - NDSS.

Powerpoint notes and handouts
2016 Keep Calm and Presume Competence Conference

Dr. Cheryl Jorgensen has provided an electronic copy of powerpoint notes and documents that she will refer to in her presentations.  Please feel free to print these if you wish.






Student Support Grant 2017

The purpose of the grant is to purchase classroom supplies that will enhance the educational experience of a PK-12 student with Down syndrome. An educator may apply for up to $250 to purchase materials and supplies that will directly benefit the student with Down syndrome. Educator must have at least one student with Down syndrome on their classroom roster. Grants are limited to schools that serve families that reside within HOIDSA’s …