Who We Are

The Heart of Illinois Down Syndrome Association, Inc. (HOIDSA) is a local support group of parent volunteers funded through donations and fundraising activities. We formed in the 1980’s and were established as a 501(C)(3) organization in 2003. We operate under the oversight of a Board of Directors consisting of 8-13 members.


The Heart of Illinois Down Syndrome Association, Inc. holds two main fundraisers each year -- an annual Spaghetti Dinner held on the first Sunday in March and the FRINEDS of HOIDSA Walk for Down Syndrome held in October.  Our families also enjoy numerous opportunities throughout the year to come together in fellowship at monthly meetings and additional social gatherings.


For years, HOIDSA has proved its commitment to improving the quality of life of persons with Down syndrome, as well as those with other disabilities, by sponsoring local workshops and conferences on topics such as health, inclusive education, and behavioral support strategies. Hundreds of parents, educators, direct care providers, and other advocates have benefited from these opportunities. The list of nationally renowned experts and speakers HOIDSA has brought to the tri-county area continues to grow, and we have the reputation of being one of the only local groups to provide these trainings to educators and others at a reasonable cost.