Trisha Romero(Vice President)

Trisha Romero
(217) 620-0184

Trisha lives in Dunlap with her husband Omar and their three boys - Mateo, Luca, and Cruz.  Trisha had a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome for Cruz when she was 11 weeks pregnant after having a genetic testing done to find out the gender early.  After reaching out to HOIDSA on that hard day, she was put in contact with some amazing women that helped her to see and understand that things were going to be okay.  Cruz was born in May 2018 and has been a wonderful addition to the family.  He is already full of energy and seems determined to be wild just like his older brothers.  Trisha has been working full time in Finance/Treasury at Caterpillar since 2015. Trisha enjoys being outside with her family, babywearing, traveling and sampling wine and beer.