The 8th Annual Family ConferenceApril 5th, 2014 at 9:00am

Join us for a light-hearted approach to learning about sensory processing (i.e. why do kids do the goofy things they do), including an introduction to the major concepts and how sensory processing challenges influence development, learning, and most importantly, relationships. Sensory processing is not just for children with Autism; it is appropriate for all diagnoses, including deafblind and ADHD. Ideas and strategies will be provided that can be used by parents to address their child’s sensory processing challenges. Parents of children birth-22 and beyond will be encouraged to explore and reflect on their own unique sensory quirks as they attempt to understand the sensory processing challenges that their children may be experiencing.


The featured speaker, Jennifer Rosinia, PhD, OTR/L, is a Registered Occupational Therapist with nearly 30 years experience in pediatrics. A specialist in serving the needs of children birth to age three and their families, she also has extensive experience in working with children ages three to twenty-one years.


This conference is co-sponsored by HOIDSA.

Registration is required and limited.     Registration fee for HOIDSA members will be reimbursed.  Send your receipt to Milly Howeler/HOIDSA c/o  Bethel Lutheran Church, 425 N. Missouri Ave., Morton IL  61550.