Dating and Relationship SeriesJanuary 6th, 2015 at 5:30pm

Ever had questions about dating?  Ever wondered, “How do I tell someone I like them or how do I know that person likes me?”  Ever wanted to know what dating experiences your friends have had?  If so, then the Dating & Relationships Series is the place for you!  Let us help with opening the can of worms!


The goal is to create a safe environment to educate and answer questions about dating, relationships and sexuality.  The series will meet once a week for 10 weeks.  Cost for the series is $30.  Each weekly session will be 1.5 hours in length. The program begins January 6.  HISRA will take registrations until January 9.


Amy Cundiff from the HISRA Management Team will facilitate the Dating and Relationship series. She has a Master Degree in Human Development Counseling from Bradley.   Amy has worked in the human services field in some capacity for over 15 years.  She has completed several hours of continuing education in human sexuality and co-taught a Sexuality Counseling course in the Bradley University counseling program.


Topics of the 10 week series include:

  • Different types of relationships
  • Communication (expressing feelings for others, saying no to others, problem solving within a relationship)
  • Privacy (privacy of one’s body, public and private areas and appropriateness in those environments)
  • Exploitation prevention (how to know if a relationship is abusive)
  • Anatomy
  • Sexual feelings, attraction and acts
  • Communicating about sex
  • Decision making about sex
  • Avoiding pregnancy and what comes with having a child


Having the knowledge about and confidence to discuss sexuality will allow individuals to make smart decisions when entering relationships.


More importantly, the knowledge about unhealthy relationships and the confidence to discuss situations will greatly reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of abuse.


Snacks and drinks will be provided and the series will take place at HISRA.  To provide the best possible learning opportunity, space is limited and minimum guidelines must be met.


Please contact Jennifer Wahl/HISRA at 309-691-1929 to register or for more information.

8727 North Pioneer Road
Peoria, IL 61615