Grandparent's GroupApril 28th, 2015 at 6:00pm

Michelle Wolfe, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Itinerant Teacher with Tazewell Mason County Special Education Association (TMCSEA) will be our special guest.  

Michelle said:  "Most of us take our ability to communicate for granted. We communicate throughout our entire day and can easily let people know our thoughts, needs, and wants. However, for our friends and family members with different abilities, (I prefer to call them different abilities because we know that these people we love are not defined by “disabilities”, or things they can’t do but rather by what they can and will do!) communication does not always come so easily. Without strong communication, a person is unable to explain their wants and needs or their thoughts and feelings. My passion is to give children and young adults a “voice” so they can tell the world who they are and be fully involved in the world around them! I am excited to have a chance to share with you strategies to help your grandchild and loved one communicate more effectively. We will talk about ways you can use these strategies with your family member and practice so you will be ready and confident to put it into practice!" 

Michelle has a true passion for communicating with others and I think you will thoroughly enjoy her presentation.

Registration is not required;  however, please RSVP by the 25th if you plan on attending so seating can be reserved.  Thank you!






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Tremont, IL 61568