Young Adult Cooking ClassOctober 16th, 2018 at 7:00pm

HOIDSA has a cooking class for its young adults with Bethel Lutheran Church's youth group as mentors. The class is open to any member 16 years old and older with our mentors being high school aged. The class will usually be held the 3rd Tuesday of the month at Bethel Lutheran Church (325 W. Queenwood Rd, Morton, IL). Start time will be 7:00 pm unless otherwise stated and finish at 8:30 pm.


We will use the "Let's Cook!" cook book ISBN 978-1-1891022-08-5, authors Elizabeth Riesz, Ph.D and Anne Kissack, M.P.H.,R.D. It can be ordered through any book selling outlet. There is no fee for the class. We have several participants registered and are accepting more on a first come/ first served basis. This is a wonderful opportunity for our young adults to make friends and influence their non-disabled peers. We will have ample supervision but any parent is welcome to stay. Bethel's kitchen is on the first floor with restrooms around the corner. Meri Tucker is your contact person and will be leading the classes. To register or ask any questions, contact Meri at 309-694-2984 (home) or 309-264-4900 (cell). 

Bethel Lutheran Church
325 E. Queenwood Rd
Morton, IL 61550