Preventing Abuse: Helping Self-Advocates Become Sexual Self-AdvocatesNovember 21st, 2019 at 1:00pm

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Preventing Abuse:
Helping Self-Advocates Become Sexual Self Advocates

Thursday, November 21, 2019 from 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM (eastern)

Online Workshop Series:
Preventing Abuse: Helping Self-Advocates Become Sexual Self-Advocates

We know the rate of sexual abuse among people with I/DD is very high, 7 times higher than the general population. And, we also want people with I/DD to lead full, healthy lives and have relationships that are enriching, supportive, and not exploitative. One way to help prevent abuse, and support healthy, satisfying relationships is with sexuality education that teaches self-advocates to become sexual self-advocates.

This online workshop will cover the knowledge and skills needed to achieve this goal. We will explore the latest statistics regarding abuse and learn useful tips and tools for helping people become sexual self-advocates. We will discuss topics to include when working with self-advocates, such as: body parts and body autonomy, skills for saying no, and the difference between a healthy, unhealthy, and abusive relationships.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore how sexual self-advocacy reduces sexual abuse
  • Examine the knowledge and skills needed to prevent abuse, while supporting healthy relationships
  • Review ways to teach these knowledge and skills to people with I/DD 

This is a 90-minute online workshop for educators, and professionals.  We use a video conference platform (Ring Central, powered by Zoom) to deliver the workshop. There will be opportunity for questions and live engagement with the instructor.

Workshop led by: Katherine McLaughlin, M.Ed., CSE 
Katherine is a national expert and trains individuals, staff, and parents on sexuality and developmental disabilities. She teaches sexuality education to people with DD/ID as well as trains them to be peer sexuality educators themselves. Katherine is the author of an agency and school curriculum: Sexuality Education for People with Developmental Disabilities, and has developed two online courses; one to train professionals, Developmental Disability and Sexuality 101, and one for parents: Talking to Your Kids: Developmental Disabilities and Sexuality. Katherine has spent her career trying to elevate the status of all people, which is why the new name for her growing company is Elevatus Training.




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